10 Must Have Social Media Tools & Video Examples

Jasmine Batra


Social media doesn’t close when you step out of the office. It’s open after hours and even on the weekends.

Your customers are online 24/7 and your posts should cater to this. There are a number of social media tools which will help you schedule content, manage your engagement and generally save you time – so that your content is working, even when you’re not!

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Here are the 10 must have social media tools for digital marketers:

Buffer – allows you to bulk schedule posts across multiple social media channels. It also allows you to easily share online articles through your various social media platforms. The site tracks analytics and advises peak engagement times.


Hootsuite – manages your social media content. Allows you to schedule posts across multiple channels. Monitors social media to find out what others are saying about your brand. Provides community support, helping you get the most out of your content.


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Sprout Social – Sprout Social also allows you to manage your social media posts. It lets you know which influencers follow you so that you can easily connect with and collaborate with them.



Tweetdeck – Schedules tweets, builds timelines and track topics, event and hashtags!



Social Rank – Another tool for twitter. Allows you to identify followers and build lists.

social media tool



Iconosquare – Helps build your Instagram network. Tracks performance. Generates analytical information, growth, gain and loss data plus much more.

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KingSumo Headlines– Plugin for WordPress which tests the performance of varying headlines for your articles. The plugin rotates between different headlines and automatically adjusts it depending on performance.

social media tool 2


Tagboard – You can register your hashtag on Tagboard. The site then automatically pulls all of the content that people have posted using your hashtag.


Tint – Tint pulls images from your social media channels and generates a live feed which you can then add as a page on your website.



Quill Engage – Generates automatic Google Analytics reports, turning charts, graphs and numbers into actionable information.


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Can you recommend any social media tools that you use as part of your digital marketing strategy? Comment below!

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