13 Invaluable Marketing Automation Tools

Jasmine Batra


For those businesses left in the dark about using marketing automation tools, they must be wondering: what are they all about?

Well, marketing automation tools are online software programs that allow marketing departments to act on two levels: to organise, automate, and create a hub to effectively deploy online campaigns through multiple online channels, from social media to email. Such tools are also used to simplify departments with effective automated solutions for repetitive tasks.

Below, we’ve listed the 13 most invaluable tools the Internet has to offer.

Marketo is one of the more ‘multi-functional’ tools on the Internet. It includes a host of features; including customer engagement systems, budgeting tools and a management system for sales teams to improve their output.

An all-inclusive marketing automation tool that covers literally everything you need: from targeting potential audiences, to breaking down those segmentations, from creating and implementing an online campaign. It’s one of the most popular platforms.


Probably the most recognised marketing automation tool on the Internet. It offers the complete suite (like Eloqua) but includes the added bonus of allowing you to transform your outbound systems (cold calling, etc) to inbound systems (such as online marketing tools, like blogging and SEO). This is great for new businesses that are still learning the ropes.


This rather high-level system offers marketing departments with the understanding to make sound and solid investments through managing plans, performances and finances. A more complex system to use, but it has its successes.


A smooth experience, ActiveCampaign is great when it comes to improving your marketing with effective far-reaching solutions, including automating your departments and the potential to increase sales through online channels.

Customer IO

The name says it all. Customer.io is all about personalising interactions with a business’ customer database. It successful manages to access this data by analysing user behaviour on your website, before giving you the information to interact with that customer. It’s a flawless system.

Might be one of the lesser-known systems, Drip can be simple and effective to use. It offers you the ability to create lead interactions and generation for users to improve results.


A successful streamline platform that automates tasks, improves data and generating new customer growth. Intergrate is a great system to improve marketing productivity.

If you’re looking to increase your marketing effectiveness, LeadSquared is all-around package that offers both the sales and marketing software to help you create leads and capture them.


This tool provides all the starting points to create, streamline and maximize your business’ sales and marketing departments. It offers everything in a simple and neat package.


A full-featured automation tool, Pardot is great for two things: streamlining marketing systems and increasing sales through different Internet channels, particularly through social and email marketing.


This platform is designed more for medium sized business-to-business organisations. A multi-purpose platform, its main draw card is improving sales results and quotes.


Aptly named, SimplyCast is exactly that: a simple to use communication system that offers a range of online multi-channel methods to increase a business’ brand and marketing influence.

Marketing automation tools are invaluable for any business – regardless of its size. If you want to find out more about how you can leverage digital marketing services to stimulate business growth, get in touch with Arrow Digital to learn more.

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