2015 Melbourne CEO Sleep out – with Arrow’s Anup Batra

Jasmine Batra


The 2015 CEO Sleep Out in Melbourne was a great success!

There were 1,300 CEOs who braved the cold to experience what it is like to be homeless – this included the CEO of Arrow Digital (Melbourne SEO Company), Anup Batra.

“It was a unique experience which enabled me to venture outside my comfort zone and develop a strong sense of empathy for my fellow man” Anup said.

“There was a spirit in the air, one of coming together for a common cause which made me feel like there is a bigger sense of purpose to what we do as businesses”.


Anup Batra with his sleeping bag.

More than 100,000 homeless people go through this every night in Australia.  But it is good to think that there are charities in place (such as Vinnies) that are willing to provide assistance by hosting events like the CEO Sleep Out.

The generous support from Australians all across the country was overwhelming, which is a good sign that Vinnies will be able to use the funds to assist homeless services as much as possible.

Donations are not only used for emergency services – but also to help those suffering from homelessness jump back on their feet and build a brighter future.

In fact, there was close to $6 million raised across the nation for the 2015 CEO Sleep Out, with more than 36,000 people donating to the cause.

Anup is looking forward to participating next year for the 2016 CEO Sleep Out in Melbourne. To get in touch, simply visit Anup’s website, or give him a call on 03 9916 1050.

If you missed out on making a donation, they’re still open and you can make one by clicking here.

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