3 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips

Anup Batra


This article gives you 3 important tips on conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to help you convert more visitors into customers. Conducting CRO in the right way is important in preventing you from falling into pitfalls later on down the track.

Generally speaking, CRO revolves around using a combination of marketing and analytics to help improve the experience of your visitors and facilitate the nurturing process.

Additionally, you can use CRO to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) and use it to improve your customer rating. Ultimately, CRO helps you bring new customers, encourage downloads, registrations and other types of lead generation. Through key performance indicators (KPI), you can convert passive customers into active ones.

The Importance of CRO

The main aim of CRO is to segment your ideal customers and identify your value proposition  for each sement. This sounds easy enough, but the it is important that your value proposition is differentiated and makes you stand out from the crowd. If you are trying the transparent method of placing your CTA (call-to-action) in a strategic point in your website, it would yield results. You can do the same in any traffic heavy page and direct visitors to your website. It is important that you provide not just a hard call of action, but a softer call of action so that the visitors who are not ready to buy can also engage with you.

  1. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

It is always advisable to start small because you are bringing something new to people and you want them to accept it. If you are trying to implement your CRO, there is every chance that you may have to encounter some changes. Have a plan to keep your CRO initiatives small so you can focus on each task before you get on to the big game.

Make sure your landing page is really useful to the visitor because that is where you are going to get some real action. CRO is the work of a lot of people, people with different visions and disparate orientations, so you need to bring them with you.

  1. Consider the Importance of KPIs

Your KPI, (Key Performance Indicator) would let you know how far or near you are from your business goals. Of course, your conversion rate metric will not be able to tell you why visitors drop off after coming to your website or why there is no movement after the first page. On the other hand, if you see traffic, you would see that your campaign has finally worked; only to realise that after a while your revenues are remaining stagnant and there are practically no downloads.

So you need to concentrate on where the CRO is going to fit into the big picture because ultimately you have to eliminate all those non-converting traffic. You must concentrate on the KPIs because through this you can enjoy tangible, long-lasting benefits.

  1. Monitor and Evaluate All Processes

Ultimately, and in every campaign, you must have a process through which you monitor and evaluate. For this too you need the help of KPIs. It would help you decide whether the campaigns are going as planned and the difficulties faced within. Through regular monitoring and further evaluation, you will be able to check and resolve problems, change tactics and revise your strategy. In evaluation, you access the success of your program and see whether it tallies with your goals. Collect the data from your monitoring and evaluation programs because they can be used for future campaigns as well.

CRO is so important to businesses because it eventually leads to a higher conversion rate. It is also more cost-effective than all other means of finding new visitors, especially when you know whom to target and when. Focussing on the target segment that should be using your product or service is always important, because everything else is a waste of money, time and infrastructure.

If you want to speak with a conversion rate optimisation expert, contact Anup Batra who is more than pleased to provide you with a free consultation to help you start converting your leads into customers!

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