3 Dos and Don’ts To Build Your Social Media Following Across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: Part One

Jasmine Batra


Part One

How do you build strong brand loyalty and engagement through social media?

You know how important it is for your business to be visible on social media. You may have even realised the advantages of being active on multiple accounts. But how are you making the most of your different social media accounts? In this three-part series, we cover three Dos and Don’ts to effectively build a social media following across different platforms. So before you start tweaking your marketing strategy or roll out a fresh campaign, check you’re covering our first Do for business growth on
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn:


Facebook comment

Samsung Australia shows how to make customers feel heard

Do: go above and beyond for your audience

Social media is immediate, reactive and never clocks off at 5, so how are you making sure you are always open for business? Our best piece of advice is to be active and responsive. It sounds like a simple strategy, right, but how do you go about it? How do you remain visible and available to your audience?  You know that your brand’s tone and language use has to be professional and consistent across posts and accounts, but what else can you do to engage with your audience?

Here’s how on Facebook:

  • Allow your brand’s page to display posts from visitors
  • Offer private messages from visitors
  • Respond timely to enquiries
  • Set up phone notifications for your team to reply instantly
  • React to visitors’ comments and shares
  • Put your phone number on the timeline cover photo
  • Create stand-alone buttons to directly shop, join mailing lists, enter competitions, redeem offers, make bookings, view events, review your business, view your other social media feeds, or read your blog

Getting in contact with Samsung Australia on Facebook is easy

Getting in contact with Samsung Australia on Facebook is easy

The same principles apply to Twitter. Here, your brand is projecting an image through its responses to messages, as well as those that engage with you more publicly. What else can you do?

  • Acknowledge everyone that seeks your response or attention in a timely manner
  • Thank engagers with favourites, retweets, replies and follows
  • Extend your reach with Private Message conversations
  • Set up hashtag threads for those interested in your brand to follow

Twitter reply

Public replies keep you accountable

You can also grow your brand’s awareness on LinkedIn. You can:

  • Join groups and start discussions
  • Grow your LinkedIn company image with all team member’s profiles
  • Publish Pulse articles
  • Give endorsements and recommendations – it’s good karma, after all!
  • Send personalised emails when you make new connections, mentioning first names and why they might be interested in your product or service

Personal note linkedin

Change the default connection request to something more personal


It’s the the little touches that make you stand out from the crowd, so use every opportunity when you’re online to extend your brand’s reach.

Now you’ve learnt the first Do to building your social media followings, read on to discover Part Two: the ultimate don’t to posting on multiple accounts. Why doesn’t it work?


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