3 tips to explode your SEO results!

Anup Batra


The SEO Landscape has been changing rapidly and new trends have been emerging continuously. While social media optimisation has become increasingly important, there are age old principles being used by savvy online marketers to boost their SEO results.  So without much fanfare, I reveal to you 3 timeless secrets that you can implement now to improve your SEO :

(A) Copy :  Copy is not about keyword density. Anyone can sprinkle keywords on a page, but does that appeal to the user? Good copy is one that has the reader asking for more. It is informative and entertaining and builds up from beginning to end.  It has headings and sub headings that make the reader want to read what’s next.

(B) Sensible Linking :  Visualise a pathway for your reader and give them a little at a time. Don’t give away so much on the homepage that the reader doesnt need to go to your remaining pages. Use an easy navigation path without too many confusing tabs. Keep some mystery…it’s important to decide what you reveal and what you conceal so that the reader goes looking for more.

(C) Stay Fresh :  When was the last time you updated your homepage? When was the last time you went through all the pages of your website to ensure that there is no outdated or duplicate content or errors that need fixing. Why should people come back to your website if they don’t find fresh stuff. If there is no news, no tips, competitions or giveaways, they will not come back.

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