3 Ways to increase website sales

Anup Batra


  • Increase website traffic :   This can be done in so many different ways :  SEO, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Offline campaigns. You need a traffic building strategy in line with your business needs. Do you need quick traffic? Then Google Ad-words and Map Listings may be a good way. Are you looking to outperform your competition? Then SEO & Social Media Marketing is the way to go.
  • Improve website content :  Does your content talk about the needs of your customers or about yourself? Always start with their needs and then how you/your service meets their requirements. Put a collection of articles/videos on your website to make it resource rich and interesting
  • Offers : Have a soft and hard offer on your website. A soft offer is something which encourages the visitor to get a feel for your product/service without having to invest. This could be a free e-book, whitepaper, report or a free trial/demo. A hard offer is an offer to make an enquiry for or buy your product or service online. Not everyone is ready to buy and a number of people are in different stages from inquisitiveness to decisionmaking. By putting them in your sales funnel at different stages, you encourage them to know more about your company and eventually buy from you!
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