5 Key Metrics to Monitor Your Website’s Performance using Google Analytics – Part 1: Bounce Rate

Jasmine Batra


Throughout the years that I have been in the SEO industry, I have been lucky enough to meet business owners of various statures and backgrounds, and there is one question that I frequently get from them: “How do I know if my website is really working for me?”

As a business owner it is only natural that you want to stay on the ball and know about what is happening in your day to day operations, including the activities that are going on in your website. One of the best ways to understand and retrieve data on your website’s performance is through the usage of Google Analytics.

This tool is extremely user friendly and you can easily use it to generate detailed statistics about your website traffic, measure conversion, sales and much more. It’s quite surprising that a lot of business owners are unaware of the existence of this service by Google and how it can help to improve their website performance.

And as a business owner I am sure you understand that you can do so much with all these insights to help improve your conversion rate, widen your sales funnel or even help you determine the actions that you should take to increase your website rankings and SEO efforts.

If you already have Google Analytics set up on your website, how exactly do you sift through the data and figure out what is important? With that in mind, we have prepared a series called the “5 Key Metrics to Monitor Your Website’s Performance using Google Analytics”.

In part 1 of this series, let’s have a look at Bounce Rates!

Bounce Rate


What is a bounce rate? As the name suggests, it’s the percentage of visitors who ‘bounce’ from your website after viewing one page only.

If you have a high bounce rate, it’s clear that it’s time to re-evaluate your website structure and improve on the optimisation of your landing page. Not only that, remember to check if you have a clear call to action and engaging content that makes your visitors want to further explore your website. This will eventually bring them further down the conversion funnel!

Now that you have gotten some insight into the first key metric of Google analytics, remember to stay tuned for the part 2 of our key metric series, Landing & Exit Pages!

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