5 trends which will change SEO forever

Anup Batra


The last few years have seen a number of changes in the field of SEO.  Here are few emerging trends which will change search engine optimisation forever :

  • While Google will continue to remain important, smart search marketers will capitalize on opportunities to get traffic from other search engines and social sites.  Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter will all continue to gain importance with time.
  • Social Search will become a rising trend. People will want to get search results which tell them about preferences of people whom they are on common networks.
  • Local Search will grow as people will look for goods and services in their own vicinity.
  • The chaos and manipulation of search results including Maps will reduce as algorithms become more sophisticated.
  • Search will become more measurable with clear KPI’s that link to organisational profitability

SEO as a profession will become more respected and distrust will reduce with more and more businesses experiencing growth because of it!

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