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Are you frustrated that your Google Adwords campaigns haven’t fared as well as you’d like? Before you fork out another dollar, make the most of our tips for generating the best returns for your business. Whether that’s concentrating on keywords, stopping them in their tracks with snappy headlines, or testing out alternatives to put your best digital foot forward, Adwords can unlock plenty of potential to boost your marketing strategies.

Quality matters

How high up your ad appears in a search engine is determined by a number of factors that make up its Quality Score. Now that Google has axed its right sidebar ads, you must compete for prime real estate to maintain top positions promoting your business. The downside? Any ads that don’t make the cut up the top aren’t going to be given a look in. Ensure that your top search query advertised has the most relevant keywords, text and landing page possible. By doing so, you are garnering the right sort of attention for your ad from the right sort of people. And the more that those people are clicking through to view your product, the more Google recognises your ad is relevant and helpful to the search terms. As a result, the higher your quality score is, the less you pay for your conversion clicks (CPCs).

Unlock the keywords

Meet Keyword Planner, your new best friend. Using this device helps enormously to figure out what is and isn’t working and boosting those that work in your favour. This is your time to experiment with relevant phrasing. Note related search terms that appear at the bottom of the results page. What else are searchers looking for? By entering keywords, such as ‘antique coffee grinders’ or ‘artificial grass suppliers’, you’ll see what else is out there and start including those keywords in your advertising. We recommend including low, medium and high competition keywords to fit in with your budget.

As we mentioned earlier, working on your click-through rate (CTR) is the most beneficial metric to concentrate on. It is all well and good to be paying for click rates, but you want to focus your attention on keywords appearing that generate the most conversions. This is the data that see the most sales.

What’s more, you can optimise your keywords so that your ad only appears for groups of searchers with a high conversion rate, offering a higher chance of return. You can customise even further, defining by location, as Google revealed at their Performance Summit last month that a third of all mobile searches are geographical.

Keep negative

If your business doesn’t offer a particular service, make sure you’re not paying a hefty price for click throughs that won’t convert and benefit you from something you just don’t have. For instance, if your website offers pest inspections but won’t do treatments, make sure you exclude these and other relevant search terms from your Adwords. Who knows – in some instances, it may show a gap in the market for what your business could capitalise on.

Focus on your headline

Remember: people have short attention spans. When they are looking for something in particular, they don’t want to waste their time crawling through pages of results. Consumers want to see their exact search term reflected in the headline of your ad so optimise it accordingly. When you are crafting it, how will it read? Simple keywords (e.g. logistics Melbourne), a verb phrase (hire a warehouse space), a noun phrase (quick and easy logistics solutions), the name of your website (Melbourne Warehouse and Transport Services) or even its URL in the headline (MelbLogistics.com.au)?  The options are endless but sometimes unoriginal. So what are you offering that differentiates your popular search term from competitors? Shipping reductions, time-sensitive sales, or variations on your most popular search term? Use it! And while your future customer mightn’t spend much time reading the copy of your ad, grabbing their attention with ‘Get Your Teeth Whiter Instantly’ or ‘Stressed? Hire Your Work Masseuse Today! ’ makes an impact. So spend two seconds tightening up the phrasing of your ad’s copy with their end goal in mind.

Some like yellow, some like blue

Make the most of comparing two options on offer to your customers using an A/B or split test in Google Adwords by tweaking a crucial element on your page. It can be anything from a capital letter in your ad copy, a CTA button in a different font or command, a shorter keyword, or a more specific one to see which one generates more conversions. You can alter three different variables: bids, keywords and ad groups, so time to play around with less risk. The possibilities are endless!

Smooth landing

Say you’re a manager and you’re looking to go into business with an original soft drink wholesaler to fit with your new café’s trendy vibe. Once you’ve searched for that product and the company’s PPC ad has been generated in the results, the wholesaler must streamline the process from ad to conversion seamlessly unless they want your sale going elsewhere. The landing page should clearly provide relevant content confirming they stock certain products and simple information on how to get the invoicing process rolling. Can the café manager identify the product in less than three seconds? That’s all the time they’ll afford you before moving on to a competitor.

And don’t forget mobile devices. From your keyword research, you’ll have noticed what percentages of queries are generated from those on their phones. If our own observations are anything to go by, it’s time to make our website displays as responsive as possible for those viewing ads and sites on the go, not just on Google’s results page, but on your own site, too.

No matter what industry your business falls under, take advantage of the plethora of options that your Google Adwords account offers you to retain customer attention and see those conversions sky rocket. Talk to us today at Arrow Internet Marketing for a consultation tailored to your specific needs!

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