7 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

Jasmine Batra


Getting a person’s attention on the Internet is not as easy as you might think. When someone visits your website, you want to minimize the frustrations of using your site and optimize the customer service aspect. If you don’t, they’ll leave, and you will never see them again. You don’t want this.

So we’ve decided to help website owners by giving you several reasons why people could potentially be leaving your website.

You have a confusing, overloaded homepage

It’s the first thing people see when they visit your website, so why make it overbearing with information or confusing to navigate? It’s all about simplicity. Get the mantra of what your website offers out clearly, concisely and cleanly. This brings us to point two…

You’ve got issues with navigation

You know what frustrates visitors more than anything else? Websites that have complex or inconsistent navigation search system that makes it confusing for visitors to use. This can leave them confused, lost and obviously angry. And no angry visitors are going to stay on your website for long. Ensure that it’s simplified, enabling visitors to navigate throughout your website. For larger sites, use a sitemap.

Your page are slow-Loading

If visitors can’t be bothered reading everything on your website, what makes you think they’ll wait if it takes too long to load?

Online visitors don’t wait around for long and they’ll happily click exit on your browser and move on to the next website, especially if it loads faster than yours. Don’t use heavy graphics or low bandwidth; put the effort in to making your website run smooth.

You have boring content and design

But don’t skimp too much on the content and design of your website. Your website has to have its own personality, so it is engaging enough to keep customers hooked and coming back for more. A minimalistic website can be effective and inputting Web 2.0 features (like blogs or forums) to keep customers engrossed works effectively. This leads us to…

You don’t update your website frequently enough

Having out-dated and useless content will not keep visitors on your website. Content and information is important, but so are your search engine keywords. If a visitor lands on your website and you don’t have what they searched for, they’ll leave. Make sure your website is also mobile-friendly, because in these days, if your website isn’t compatible on mobile, you’re behind in the times.

There’s too many ads!

This even shouldn’t count as a point. Too many ads just completely kill off a website. They are important; no doubt about it, but there’s a limit on them, because suffocating visitors with flashes and pop-ups will kill their experience quickly. Be subtle and tasteful with your ads.

Where’s the CTA?

CTA stands for “call-to-action” and on a website that means a line of text, a button or an image that prompts your visitors (or hopefully your customer) to take “action” on the site.

And this action can be anything: signing up for membership or subscription, attending an upcoming event, getting a special deal or downloading a service.

It’s important for websites to have a CTA, because if you don’t, why would visitors stay around then? Trick is, just like ads, don’t overload it and make your visitors click on the CTAs you want them too.

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