7 SEO Tips for making your website a Link Magnet

Anup Batra


  • Put useful resources on your website. People love quizzes, polls and other interactive tools which enable them to find something out. If you are in the home loan business, provide mortgage calculators. If you are selling baby clothes, have some quizzes for mothers.
  • Survey your website visitors (you can offer them a free e-book etc for spending their time). Share a snapshot of the findings with the visitors, if they leave their email address behing. Do it by sending a weblink. This will make people return back. Some of them will also link to you
  • Have a section for news, trends, tips etc. If you are a stock broker for example, you can provide stock price movements, forecasts and other related information which may be of interest to your visitors. If you are in the furniture business, you can provide tips on selecting furniture for office/home along with interactive tools for people to pick choices and make arrangements online. This will make other websites link to you.
  • Run an affiliate programme for people in complementary businesses. If you are in cosmetics business, you can encourage salons to become your affiliates
  • Blog about issues which are controversial and people are passionate about. If you are in the computer industry, blogging about macs or Steve jobs will attract links. If you are in the electricity business, a blog item like ‘7 Ways to reduce your bills and beat the recession’ will attract links. Blogging about climate change (with facts & figures) will also attract links. Blogging about Paris Hilton (with some good pictures) is sure to attract links
  • Providing ‘How to…………’ articles on issues which are challenging can get a large number of backlinks. e.g, How to teach your child maths?, How to shed 3 Kgs without dieting?, How to save for your wedding? are all topics people are interested to learn about. These will not only get repeat visitors but lots of links
  • Create a forum on your website for your visitors to exchange ideas. This will create a social community which will attract links galore
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