7 unbeatable ways to increase website traffic

Anup Batra


Your website is ready and you’re all set to ride forth and conquer the behemoth that is the World Wide Web. Boosting your website traffic can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it.The Internet is a limitless space encompassing millions of web pages and thousands of websites. Making sure that your website promotion and website advertising do not get lost in the sea of information takes effort and knowing a few smart ways to increase website traffic won’t hurt.

Content is King

Good, informative, enriching content is what keeps user traffic flocking back to the most popular websites. Structure your website promotion around your content. Ensure that your content is interesting and that the information is meaningful to the user. The language you use is of the utmost importance. Keep your target audience in mind while writing, think about the kind of language they use, what kind of reasoning, or turn of phrase they will be most influenced by. Most importantly, make sure that your content is factually correct and original. Content that has been plagiarised will be discovered and your credibility shattered.

Search engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is crucial to achieve a good page ranking which translates into more traffic.SEO must factor into your website promotion and website advertising tactics. Take special care when writing Meta tags and deciding upon keywords and phrases. A catchy title tag gives you more visibility and will improve your search engine ranking which will increase website traffic. Optimize your title tag to include important keywords and reflect the content of the website as these increase the chances of searchers clicking on it.

Meta tags

Meta tags are bits of information that describe your website content to the search engine spiders, therefore having relevant and unique Meta tags that describe the content of each page of your website will go a long way to increase website traffic and bolster website promotion.

Post relevant inbound links

Inbound links are links from other websites.Search engines usually rank those pages higher that have a higher number of relevant inbound links. For example, a travel agency would get a higher ranking if it had a number of inbound links from travel blogs. Website promotion can be done by securing a few links from other website owners you know.

Link important pages to your homepage

It’s important to have keywords on your homepage and to link those keywords to relevant pages of your website. A website with properly linked pages is more likely to get a higher page rank because search engines scan a website for keywords and links more than anything else.

Build a Sitemap

A sitemap is the easiest way to ensure website promotion and to increase website traffic. It provides the search engine an index to the content on your site and increases your chances of a good page rank. Website advertising is made easier through sitemaps.

RSS Feeds
An RSS feed works wonders to increase website traffic.It allows users to subscribe to your website’s feed so that each time you update your website, the information reaches them and they will come back to your website to see what’s new. A sure shot website promotion tactics that works without fail!

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