Arrow Digital was started by two entrepreneurs who believe in the power of digital marketing and are redefining the standards of delivery in the Australian Market.

They noticed that there was a gap in the digital marketing industry in Australia. On one hand there were large factory like agencies and on the other hand there were small cowboy outfits. There was a strong need for an agency which was not so small that it could not deliver and not so large that it did not care. It was our strong belief that a digital marketing agency should display a high level of commitment and urgency in campaigns entrusted to them.

Jasmine Batra

I am Jasmine Batra. I have twelve years’ experience in the online space, with an illustrious career spanning from Advertising to Internet Marketing.

Anup Batra

I am Anup Batra, engineer, MBA with fourteen years of experience in web development and online marketing. I have recently developed a revolutionary system for multichannel marketing.

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Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

This is how we started our agency with a handpicked team of digital marketers. Our clients soon became our raving fans and our agency was embraced by the Australian market. Many of the clients we started working with have made it to BRW lists and have won of E&Y awards.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with

We love what we do and it shows

We are a highly experienced multicultural team each with average 6 years industry experience. Our clients tell us we are just the right size agency – large enough to have specialists in each discipline of online marketing and small enough to care.













The Arrow Advantage is our focus on integrated digital marketing solutions and our ability to your eyes and ears. Arrow Digital is led by Jasmine and Anup Batra, a dynamic leadership duo who recognise and foster the different skill sets of their young, passionate team. Each member of the team brings their own expertise to the company, building on the wealth of knowledge Arrow Internet Marketing can offer in all fields of advertising, SEO, direct marketing and application development. Just like an arrow, our team of digital professionals will launch your company to success, pushing the boundaries of the digital space to help you realise targets that have previously eluded you.


We feel very passionate about the Internet and its impact on businesses. We love what we do. It’s not unusual to find our people burning the midnight oil to continue providing our customers with consistent results.

Finding Quality Customers

Arrow Digital enables companies to find highly targeted and qualified customers at a lower cost. The quality of customers is determined by their spend and their longevity with your company. Using targeted online marketing techniques, we help you to acquire customers who are profitable for your business.

Total Solution

Arrow Digital has more than a decade’s worth of experience providing integrated marketing solutions, web design services and e-commerce management. Besides optimising your website for higher rankings on search engines, we specialise in creating customised initiatives like email marketing campaigns, online interest groups and customer loyalty programs to accelerate your business growth.


Arrow Digital is aware that efficient, optimised websites enable businesses to rank higher on search engines. We also recognise that e-commerce enabled websites can increase your revenue and facilitate the sales funnel process.

Eyes on ROI

Unlike traditional advertising mediums – the returns on which are difficult to measure – it is possible to drive targeted visitors to a website. Our SEO techniques are geared towards reaching out to people who are in the market and have a high propensity to purchase the product. The result is a lower cost of acquisition, better return on investment and a more successful business.

Shared Risk

Arrow Digital stands by a unique pricing methodology that ensures measurable ROI. We ensure you only pay a ‘success fee’. This is an indication of how good we are at what we do – you only pay when we achieve your goals.

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