‘aha’ moments while learning SEO

Anup Batra


Yesterday we ran the first SEO hands-on workshop and it was a roaring success!  With a small group and each participant with a computer, the session allowed a lot of significant information to be easily absorbed.  Covering a lot of information, not only on SEO but also Google Analytics, there were many ‘aha’ moments and everyone went home with a long list of things to do!

This was the first in what will become regular a workshop so you can find out more about SEO and what different aspects are affecting your wesbites success.  The course is useful for everyone, even if you are getting SEO already, like one of the attendees Justin Bridgeman, Director of Discover your Dreams, who said “I was really satisfied with the workshop and the content. It really assisted me with my education on SEO and general internet marketing. It exceeded my expectations.’

It was also beneficial for us as we got to interact and really find out what the issues were and what people really wanted to know.

We have had great feedback “Your organisation is very knowledgeable about SEO and other internet marketing systems.  The information I have received at the workshop has been very valuable and has positioned us to be more competitive in the marketplace.“ commented Gino Sererin, National Marketing Manager, Lanier Printers.

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