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If you have been constantly increasing your budget for your ads and it doesn’t seem to do the job – try to look at your Ads Quality score. Google Ads Quality Score has a major impact on your campaign’s success and profitability. The Quality Score is a measurement of your ad’s relevance to what users expect. It’s defined as a number from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Google Ads uses that score to determine where your ad gets placed. For example, if your Quality Score is 7 and your competitor’s Quality Score is 8, then your competitor’s ad will appear higher in the search engine results page than yours.

There are a number of uncontrollable variables in Google Ads Search but luckily, you ultimately have control over your Quality Score and can take steps to improve it fast. At Arrow Digital, we focus on 3 main factors in determining your quality score – The Ads itself, the keywords being used and its relevance to your ad and the Landing pages.These three factors are all analyzed for relevance, and a score is then generated. According to a study by AdAlysis, the top two factors of the quality score are your landing page experience and expected click through rate (CTR). So does it mean you need to spend more? Not entirely. The higher your relevance/quality score, the better your click-through rate and the cheaper your cost per click. Meaning you will get more traffic and pay less for that traffic if you can produce a better relevance/quality score. So how exactly can you improve your quality score fast?

1. Structure your campaigns into smaller yet targeted ad groups. Set up your campaigns with many ad groups that are specific and related to the keywords it contains. For example, if you own an online fashion store and you are selling clothes for both women and men then you can create separate ad groups for the two. In that way you are elevating the relevancy between the search query and the ad. Another quick tip to boost your quality score is to make your Ads is high quality and relevant as possible. You can take advantage of Google Ads feature – expanded text ads which gives you more room to convey your message specifically to your targeted ad group. It is also recommended to use extensions that are relevant to your ad group.

2. Optimize keyword ad copy. Often times people don’t spend too much time segregating and choosing their keywords. They just use the same keywords on all their campaigns and ad groups. You must remember that the keyword works on a case to case basis too. You must create an ad copy that is closely tailored to your keywords. This will increase the relevance of your keywords to each of your ads. The higher the relevance of your keywords to your Ads, the higher the quality score generated by google. Use Negative Keywords as well to make your ads more relevant. Too many marketers overlook this. If you’re not familiar with negative keywords, they’re words you include in your ad group or campaign that prevent your ad from showing up.

3. Target your landing pages. Your landing pages should be designed to contain content that uses your targeted keywords for each ad group. It may not be practical to design a landing page for each ad group, but it will help to increase relevance. A highly relevant landing page will also help you with increased conversions – Decrease your landing page load times by:
• Fixing slow redirects
• Avoiding multiple redirects
• Having your website on a fast server
• Decreasing your content therefore making it faster to load

For many years that we have handled Google Ads from our clients, we have taken a considerable amount of time to making sure that their ads have high quality score. We don’t just assign random numbers to our clients campaigns. We understand well that our clients are busy running their business so we take care of their Google Ads and work with them collaboratively. Our love for digital marketing is reflected on our dedication to make sure we exceed our clients expectations. If you want to learn more on how we can help you improve your campaigns – Speak with an expert SEO or digital marketing consultant at Arrow Digital by giving us a call on 1300 766 665 or e-mail us at [email protected].

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