Are You Attracting The Right Audience In Facebook?

Anup Batra


As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I often notice that Facebook shows me relevant Ads to my line of work – anything about Digital Marketing, social media management tools, newsletter websites and the like. Facebook algorithm definitely evolved to the point where even just visiting a business page or a friend’s page once will trigger their content to appear on Facebook.

With that being said, how can we guarantee that we are attracting the audience that we want to our page? There are many tools to determine whether your Ads are showing to the right audience but first of all I just want to make it clear that there is no precise way to get the right audiences on organic likes, content relevance helps to create the buzz. All of those are potential leads that might not be your target at the moment but eventually will be or they can affect the decision and purchasing power of someone that is. Now let’s talk more about the paid Ads.

You should create “Buyer Personas” – Who is your market? Where do they live? What do they do for a living? What activities are they interested in? Go ahead and list down a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. It can be based from your very own market research. The demographics don’t lie. Go ahead find that existing data about customers you’ve engaged with from your CRM, and create meaningful interactions with them. 

Identifying just who it is you want to reach will guide you to the most effective Facebook ad targeting tools and options to get in front of them.

Res0nate with your Audience. Now you know who your audiences are, their interests and what sparks them to interact with you. Start posting relevant content for them to be encouraged to interact with you. A carefully-structured content roadmap can help you plan out what you should be posting on your Facebook feeds. Keep in mind that 51% of users will unfollow your brand if they find your posts annoying or irrelevant.

Establishing a connection with your audience on a personal level whether through your posting or your Facebook ads mean so much to them.

Here are a few tips on how to create great ties with your target audience:

Join groups of similar interests- Create a connection with people with the same interest. Engage in meaningful discussions and let them acknowledge your brand. This way, you give your brand the credibility it needs. This also adds up better traffic for your brand. Creating more engagement with people helps Facebook’s algorithm distinguish that your brand actively participates in the field, using the same topics. You can notice more and more people liking your page and even joining your own groups.

Ensure that you answer all customer queries- It’s not a new thing that your customers try to keep in touch with you through social media. With your customers being as impatient as ever, they expect an instant response for their comments on your Facebook posts. It would create a great impression if you can directly answer the inquiries and have a team dedicated to fulfilling customer support while actively managing your social media platforms.

With customer churn becoming more and more commonplace, it’s time to integrate customer service through your Facebook Business Manager account. Aberdeen Group proved that there is a 92% retention rate among brands with a well-crafted customer service approach, and using Facebook is such an inventive way to empower your omni-channel servicing tactics. 


Growing your following- Nothing beats organic growth.


What are Facebook Ad targeting tools? This is simply an option where you can set up more specific audience targeting. You can target visitors that have been on your website, people that have used your app or simply implement all settings available from the buyer persona you’ve created – their interests, financial resources, age, gender, location, level of education, ethnic affinities and so much more to custom from.

Your measure of success will be shown in numbers. Views, likes, comments, enquiries and the actual purchase or subscription. Your goal to attracting the right audience should be continuous. Keep on posting relevant content for them. Gather data from your page using the Insights tool and keep updating the way you set up your Ad. Remember that these are all people just like us, they continue to grow and build loyalty over time.

If it’s your first time setting up your Ad or you’ve never customized it before, all these can be overwhelming. Have a friendly chat with our Facebook specialist for an overall analysis of your page. We have handled over 1000 facebook pages in all kinds of industry. Call us at 1300 766 665 or email [email protected]

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