Are you turning away your website visitors?

Anup Batra


 Most websites end up blocking their own users inadvertently. A number of these blocks are results of basic mistakes in website design and flow. Page failures, code errors and weak navigational structure are some of the common reasons why you end up blocking your users. The end result is low rankings and decreased traffic inflow.

 As part of your search engine optimisation campaign, you need to ensure that your website is free of impediments that block users from reaching your all-important web pages. The first step is identifying such blocks through exhaustive analysis of the site and its elements.  

 You will find that the content of your site is usually the most obvious obstacle. The way content flows from one section to the other, or even within a page, is something that you need to organise. Use clear and precise headings and sub-headings, make short paragraphs with shorter sentences and deal with one thought at a time. Incorporate keywords judiciously and place hyperlinks at the right keyword by using smart anchor text. By adhering to these simple guidelines, you can organise your content structure and retain user attention.

 Lexical or grammatical errors are also a big put-off for users. They make your site look shallow and unattractive. If you wish to reinforce your promotional ideas, do so smartly. Don’t make it too obvious to a user that you are only interested in sales; it is important that you establish a connection that goes beyond revenues.

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