With the rise in popularity of blogging and e-zines, an opportunity has arisen for businesses to promote themselves online through the cost-effective form of article marketing.

Article marketing takes advantage of the fact that many blogs, Web sites and e-zines are unable to keep up with the demand for fresh and informative content. Using proven online marketing techniques to understand what consumers are searching for, article marketing can help you take advantage of previously undiscovered niche markets.

Using free articles to promote your business online is effective in several ways. Firstly, blogs, Web sites and e-zines are constantly searching for quality content, and will snap up well written, entertaining and informative articles. This gives you a great opportunity to easily promote your business to a potentially huge audience. Secondly, articles appearing on respected Web sites and linking back to your site will contribute to the optimisation of your site and increase relevant traffic.

Using article marketing in this way is a skill, as it is essential that the articles be placed on sites that are relevant to your niche, that the articles are written by professional writers who understand their audience. They should contain the correct terms and hyperlinks that will contribute to the ranking of your site. Article marketing targets an industry niche through in depth research into keyword searches and customer needs.

Blogging is no longer a cottage industry where the average Joe or Jolene expresses their opinion to the world through Blogspot or Live Journal. Corporate blogs and brand blogs are becoming increasingly common as businesses realise the power of this simple yet effective medium. Corporate blogs also allow for businesses to relate to consumers in a one-on-one manner, as readers give feedback by posting comments. These comments can then be used to gauge the mood of consumers towards a product or service.

Arrow Digital combines marketing and writing skills with expert knowledge of the online world. We write unique articles for you, optimise them and submit them onto relevant blogs, which helps to generate quality traffic as well as create back links. Our expert team of content writers come from various industries like realty, lifestyle, fashion, travel and technology, and will write compelling articles that will be submitted to blogs and e-zines in return for inclusion of links back to your site.

Price $500 for 6-10 articles.

This SEO technique accelerates the Search Engine Optimsation process.

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