Australia Here We Come

New Enquiries per month

Cost per lead down from $280

$9 Returned for every $1 Spent

Generated Consistent Flow of Quality Leads Ripe and Ready to become Paying Customers


Australia Here We Come provides experienced Immigration lawyers and registered migration agents in Australia for individuals and business’ with migration problems. A full service migration firm that handles all aspects of migration law including visa applications, business migration, employer sponsorships and new company setups.


Immigration and migration affairs are a popular search domain, yet bringing qualified traffic of interested prospects into a website that is informative, easy to understand, navigate and take action from is essential to capitalise on the market strength. Optimising the user experience through website and traffic driving mechanisms, Arrow got to work on a digital marketing strategy.


Australia Here We Come engaged Arrow to generate more qualified leads for the business through the website.

It involved:

  1. The running and SEO Campaign management of premium relevant keywords to gain visibility on search engines and increase the amount of qualified visitors.
  2. Management of their Google AdWords campaign to achieve quick results and ease the pressure of their sales team making outbound/cold calls to generate new clients.
  3. Increasing the conversion rate of the website so a higher percentage of qualified website visitors are making enquiries.


The client started with a 20 Keyword national SEO campaign and a $1,500pm Adwords budget.

At the start of the campaign the website received on average 3,000 visitors per month, the website was receiving 8,100 visitors per month. Website traffic continued to increase at a rate of 15% per month.

After 4 months, the client doubled both the Adwords and SEO budgets. The client asked Arrow to redesign the website with a strong focus on improving the websites conversion rate.

The client was receiving 2.5 enquiries per day through the website, with the majority of enquiries coming from referrals. The website was receiving 6 enquiries per day through a combination of SEO, Adwords and conversion rate optimisation.


Advertising Budget Managed every year since 2007


Average Return on Ad Spend


Top of the page Rate


Ad Optimisation Score

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