of keywords on 1st page (within 4 months)

keywords in 1st position (within 4 months)


Increase in quote requests

Window and façade maintenance business


Avo Clean Window Cleaning Services was established in 1982 and was a window cleaning and façade maintenance company in Australia. Its founder Mark Knight was also responsible for pioneering the commercial abseiling industry in NSW and had introduced countless innovative techniques and products that are now industry standard. The only thing that had not been innovated within the business was their online presence.


AVO Clean had ambitions of expanding their business, but first needed the enquiries and jobs to justify expansion. They approached Arrow with a website that was losing its visibility, especially in the competitive Sydney area.
Organic rankings are crucial for our business. While there are many so called SEO gurus, (and we have tried many of them) the team at Arrow Internet has high-level of expertise and the tenacity to deliver.
Deep Expertise, Katie May CEO of Kidspot


To make make the pioneering ‘AVO Clean’ visible and easy to access in the digital world, Arrow proceeded with a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. The aim of this campaign was to not only make the company easily searchable, but also to attract traffic from the particular regions of Australia AVO Clean identified as needing assistance. To help achieve this, campaign keywords were carefully researched and selected that ensured maximum results from the right audience.


Results came quickly for AVO Clean after Arrow’s involvement with 90% of their keywords on the first page after just 3 months, as well as 4 keywords in the 1st position! Their online quote requests increased by a massive 91.89% and after just 4 months, AVOClean announced to us that they had hired 4 new glass cleaners to keep up with demand.
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