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US Manufacturer Enters The Australian Market & Enjoys A 20% Online Conversion Rate


Baileigh Industrial is a US company that has been manufacturing metal and woodworking equipment to service large-scale commercial fabrication shops to passionate hobbyists for 16 years. Baileigh came to Arrow seeking a comprehensive, high-level strategy to coincide with the new plant scheduled for construction in Australia. Already early adopters of digital marketing techniques, they wanted to harness local knowledge to adapt their campaign to the Australian market, and engage with an agency that was up to the task in promoting their market leadership in an unfamiliar, international arena.


Arrow executed a highly successful series of campaigns for Baileigh to corner the Australian market. Some campaign milestones include: High viewership on our You Tube video campaign, with up to a 19% view rate, which is a substantial result when considering the standard 3% average for this platform. Prior to Arrow’s involvement, practically all of Baileigh’s desired keywords were missing from even the top 200 Google search results, whereas 6 months later saw over 50% of those keywords ranking in the top 20 results, and additional progress witnessing 18 keywords within the top 10 rankings. Total traffic volume to the website improved dramatically, earning approximately 5 times more traffic since the beginning of the campaign. Baileigh reported a very healthy enquiry/conversion rate of approximately 20% across their online channels.
We chose to entrust Arrow with our international launch and they did not disappoint. The team delivered on our expectations and we really value their assistance which was fundamental in successfully tapping into the Australian market and establishing us as a market leader in this industry
Stephan Nordstrom, President & CEO, Baileigh Industrial


Arrow executed a holistic and integrated marketing solution to accommodate the various requirements of Baileigh. At its most basic level, the strategy would generate brand awareness towards making Baileigh a familiar name for Australian woodworkers and metalworkers. Beyond this, it would cover the entire acquisition process including the end-goal of conversions. As such, we deployed a number of techniques that encompassed audience analysis, website enhancements through the lens of conversion rate optimisation, plus driving the brand’s Australian social media identity. At the helm of Arrow’s approach was a complete SEM strategy carried out over organic and paid search campaigns. Understanding the importance of a well-defined audience to achieve message relevancy, Arrow also harnessed Facebook’s demographic targeting to discover that a large portion of Baileigh’s prospective customers were also AFL supporters and were able to deliver measured content, including You Tube videos, to this segment for maximum effect. As such, there was an element of branding involved to locate Baileigh’s place in the Australian market and leverage market share.
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