How Business Blogs can help you reach your target audience

What are business blogs?

‘Blog’ is a combination of the two words; web and log. It is an interactive platform generated by users and moderated by the company managing the blog. Tapping into the power of interactivity, a blog helps companies get ideas and feedback from their potential and existing customers. It creates a positive word of mouth and also makes users feel part of the space.

Many companies are using this medium to launch contests/promotions to thank their customers for choosing their product/service.

Blogs are also an excellent method for creating your own personal brand and linking it to the brand of your business. For example, if you were part of a conference/seminar, you can put the video clip of the event on your blog. This helps to share your experiences with users.

By introducing the ‘informal’ dimension to your company, you enable people to have a glimpse into your personality outside the realm of the service provider. And what does this do? It helps them know what you stand for and see you as a real person or team outside the boundaries of the workplace. What’s more is if the blog is on your website and you add fresh content on a regular basis, you get brownie points for search engine optimisation.

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