We at Arrow Internet recognize the growing potential of marketing respected companies on user generated interactive web spaces. That is why we have created a team dedicated to exploring and innovating new ideas to maximize our clients exposure through this medium.

Some of the different terms for these spaces are forums and blogs. These are places web users can post comments, chat, or ask questions about topics related to the website on which they are found. The amount of people visiting such places is increasing and the popularity of researching information through this method is becoming more popular. The exposure gained by websites like Myspace is testimony to these facts.

We create Blog and Forum posts in line with the demographics that you cater for. For example, if your target audience is Generation Y, then we use sites like Myspace, Digg and youth/music forums to generate their interest. If you are targeting people in regional areas, we target Blogs/Forums dedicated to this geographical profile.

This seo technique accelerates the search engine optimisation process.

Here is an example of how we created a Blog/Forum posting plan for a leading distance education company :


We understand that seventy percent of your current client base is made up of eighteen to thirty-one year old females. The majority of these are from regional locations. To the best of our knowledge you would like to broaden this to include demographic groups that include but are not limited to: Males between 18-31 years of age, with an interest in online IT development courses. Business People over 25 years of age with and interest in upgrading their current skills. People around 18 23 years of age interested in building a career through an IT certificate course.

And to a lesser extent, the large amount of retirees wishing to complete various courses as a hobby. We will also expand the marketing to your existing successful client demographics to include user generated interactive web spaces. To achieve this for you we will research many different sources to find forum and blog sites relevant to the interests these people have. That is one way we can target our work to generate the right amount of traffic for you.

We will deploy a variety of techniques for each target market and continually test and monitor the success of each strategy. One technique is to post articles about your industry which are written by you. We optimise these for content, word count and key phrases. These articles will include a link to your website. They are not usually specific articles about your business, rather general information that builds credibility. Interested viewers will want to find out more information and click through to your site with a great deal of interest. We also monitor and post comments further to these articles. Another process we use to generate discussion is creating threads on existing forums. We introduce new topics for people to discuss and then enter into these discussions at the right time to introduce your company. For example we could create a topic such as university education versus distance education. As the debate hots up we will introduce a positive buzz about distance education and especially your company.

We also visit and register to various websites to place positive comments about your industry and your business in any other relevant discussions taking place. With our experience we avoid the traps of this style of advertising. The subliminal approach we use will ensure the legitimate nature of the articles, threads and comments we post. The web is such a web that you never know where your next visitor will come from. We have all been searching for a particular product or service and then found ourselves clicking away to a totally unrelated site.

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