How to make millions of dollars from SEO-Part 3

In this part, I will share the proven methods any one can use to start making REAL money online.

  • Find a growth market or even a saturated market in which the demand is high. Let us say you pick up the web design market.
  • Segment the market e.g budget websites, corporate websites, shopping cart enabled websites, application rich websites etc
  • Pick up any one segment to specialize in based on the demand-supply equation in the segment, your interests and capabilities
  • Conduct a focus group (survey of users in the segment to find out the one or two things most people are unhappy about)
  • Use the results of the survey to create a product/solution which will take the market by storm
  • Blog about your story, your approach and make your presence felt in forums, social media sites, ezines and in PR sites-(Your unique solution will get you tonnes of publicity)
  • Hire an SEO expert to get you rankings on not just the common search terms but related phrases as well.

In the next post, we will talk about how strategic pricing and packages can help you gain an adavantage

Anup Batra
Anup Batra
My name's Anup Batra. I'm an engineer with an MBA and fourteen years of experience in web development, Google Adwords and online marketing. I have recently developed a revolutionary system for multi-channel marketing. Get in touch with me to find out more!