SEO Pricing

Why is there so much disparity in SEO Pricing among different providers?

The other day I went looking for houses in St Kilda, Melburne. I found that a 2 Bedroom Apartment facing the beach cost almost twice (sometimes thrice) as much than a 2 Bedroom Apartment just about 2 Kms from the Beach close to the highway. Even after that Apartments close to the Beach sell much faster than the ones away from it? Why?

Location & Quality of Life

Research has revealed that the spot 1 on Google gets about 10 times the traffic than spot 10 of Google on most search terms. Let us say your product sells for $100 and SEO Company A gets you 10 sales/month at the end of six months by getting you spot 10 on Google. It charges you $400/month for the job. You are left with $600 after paying off your SEO Company A. SEO Company B gets you 100 sales/month at the end of six months after paying off your SEO Company. This company charges you $2000/month for the work. You are left with $8000/month after paying off your company. Thats a six figure increase in sales.

When hiring consultants, whether it be a coach or a consultant, never go for the cheapest provider. It will be very expensive!

Anup Batra
Anup Batra
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