SEO tips to revitalise your website!

It’s new year and as website owners/webmasters, it’s a great time to look at our website with a new frame of mind!

We all know that fresh content is important for mantaining reader interest, as also Google’s interest in our website :).

The question then is, how to keep adding fresh content to our website? A small business, or even a large one may have limitations with regard to time or resources in terms of generating fresh content.

I am taking the example of car dealer but the principles will apply in any industry.

The business may employ designers, developers etc to mantain the website and outsource SEO Copywriting and other onpage & offpage initiatives to an SEO Company. The car dealer may be selling 10 brands of cars with 70 models with new models coming out all the time.

  • In order to generate reader interest and have readers returning to the website on a regular basis, the dealer needs to provide reviews of cars.
  • The site can be made even more interesting if people who drive the cars actually come and share their experiences. This creates an online community where user endorsements reinforce the confidence level of a prospective buyer.
  • The site can have a section like auto news. This news can be provided by way of RSS Feeds which run off another website.
  • The site can have have a section on regional news, weather etc making the customer feel confident that he is in the right place
  • The site can have tools for customers to change colours, styles etc and do some virtual modelling on the cars they want to buy
  • The site can have a car loan, car insurance calculator to help the customer get a feel for his monthly instalments
  • The site can have a section depicting last sold, most popular car this week etc
  • The site can have a section for ‘tell a friend’

All this creates an atmosphere for the sale and increases the time spent by people on the website. It will enhance the visitor experience, build trust and gradually make the website a preferred online destination.

Anup Batra
Anup Batra
My name's Anup Batra. I'm an engineer with an MBA and fourteen years of experience in web development, Google Adwords and online marketing. I have recently developed a revolutionary system for multi-channel marketing. Get in touch with me to find out more!