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Anup Batra


Quality links are a vital ingredient in a successful SEO initiative. A well-written piece of content can attract a large number of links from quality sources. If this content can sell your business, there is a huge possibility of getting an equally good amount of leads through your site. For this to happen, the content of your website should be adapted to the needs of your prospective online buyers.

You may not be able to get links quickly through creating and distributing content that appeals to your target market every time. But then, it is important to put up content that resonates with your company’s brand, values and objectives. Your content therefore needs to be fact-based and engaging. It should strengthen your SEO, but it should not be written exclusively for the purpose of optimising your website.

An important thing to do here is go through all the emailed questions or enquiry forms and gauge what a prospective customer wants from you. On the basis of this, you should update the FAQs page of your site and provide such users with as much information as possible.

To get the right links, you need to figure out who the influential linkers in your space are. Find out which bloggers, media and portals/websites appear more often than not in SERPs of your targeted keywords. Then, create content that is likely to appeal to such web entities; it becomes easier to get links from them.

More than creating content, it is important to post it at the right places, both onsite and offsite. Research as much as possible before actually going ahead with your plans. Good content, placed at relevant places, is sure to bring in positive results.

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