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Chef’s Pencil is the place for gourmet food lovers. It has a collection of restaurant recipes direct from chefs around the world. Chef’s Pencil is an online cookbook for people who entertain to impress with food cooked to perfection using the right ingredients and seasoned to please.


What Chef’s Pencil lacked was a strong digital presence in various platforms, from Google domination to drive clicks to their website and downloads, to drawing on a highly engaged audience on the social network sites that matter most to their audience.
Jasmine is a pleasure to work with and is a consummate professional at what she does. She promised a lot before working together and delivered even more; hence our signing her for numerous and ongoing contracts. Jasmine’s SEO approach is one of integrity and focuses on the long term with continual growth on the way. I find working with you so easy. The results you have brought mean a lot to our business. Others promise, you deliver.
Paul Hegeman, Director, Chef's Pencil


Full blown Arrow overhaul with SEO, a 20 keyword package, online branding makeover and social media execution helped Chef’s Pencil refine their presence in the heavily populated online food space. 1600 fans on Facebook, 2000 plus video views and 6 keywords on page 1 of Google were just a snapshot of what Arrow’s digital marketing strategy did for this gourmet food loving business.

  • SEO
  • 20 Keywords
  • Online Branding
  • Presence in top social sites
  • Facebook
  • Flicker
  • YouTube


  • 5 Keywords @ #1 on Google
  • 2 Keywords @ #2 on Google
  • 6 keywords on page one of Google
  • 1600 plus fans on Facebook
  • 2000 plus video views
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