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Commonwealth Bank have a wide network not just in Australia but overseas. What they were struggling to tap into were multinational business opportunities that the foresight of a diverse cultural mix at Arrow found glaringly obvious.


Arrow was approached by the international business division of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) who were looking to tap into a demographic of people overseas preparing for migration to Australia. Including relocation for the purposes of study, the CBA aimed to promote their product offering as Australia’s leading bank and position themselves as the natural choice for newcomers to Australia. Their overarching campaign goal was to reach this lucrative market segment and generate a high volume of enquiries.


Arrow devised a comprehensive, international digital marketing plan which combined the power of search and social media to attract clients across 8 target countries. The project was underpinned by an aggressive search engine optimisation campaign born from extensive keyword research that witnessed the ranking of valuable organic keywords such as ‘moving to Australia’ and ‘migrating to Australia’. Along with on-page optimisation, it drove brand awareness traffic for a new audience. This was paired with a clever interplay of interest and geographic targeting on social media channels to reach the intended audience, plus social media content promotion to encourage users to apply for an account with CBA prior to their arrival in Australia.


The campaign rollout was extremely successful; so much so that the CBA were unprepared for the sheer potential of results and were prompted to create a dedicated call centre to handle the influx of enquiries they began receiving from across the world. Arrow achieved a high level of brand awareness that resonated with the target audience, not merely exceeding expectations, but setting a benchmark for what is possible with a well-developed and responsive digital marketing strategy
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