Content Ratings: A Game Changer for Digital Publishers

Anup Batra


Nielsen and digital industry body IAB Australia have just announced a third and final upgrade to digital audience measurement in Australia.

Journalists present at a media briefing yesterday were informed of changes rolling out to digital platforms by Nicole Sheffield, chairperson of IAB Australia and chief digital officer of News Corp Australia.

“It’s taking what we’ve learnt in traditional media for many, many years, and what we’ve used to trade, and marrying that with a very different trading model,” she said.

This game changing addition to the Australian digital audience measurement means publishers will have to fight less barriers into audience insights.

They will be better equipped to assess campaign figures against their competitors, with the added flexibility to back out of underperforming campaigns in real time.

Nine, Seven, and Media Federation Australia are among the key digital players already embracing the influx of data as media buyers.

Commercial manager director of Anthony Saines said the digital content ratings would give us a holistic view to generated traffic, particularly from non-desktop sources.

Great news for video publishers, too.

Statistics show at least a staggering 25 hours of video consumption per month is clocked up by smart phone owners.

This enormous shift in consumption analytics will help track off-platform as well as on-platform audiences, overhauling the approach to multiplatform publishing.

Media buyers will be more confident trading on audiences connecting with content, with a shift of focus on impressions to differentiations in audiences on time of day, day of week, device type or demographic.

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