Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

Jasmine Batra


The more we evolve in a digital world, even the best Social Media Marketers can find it difficult to keep up with the growing demand for producing fresh content.

Brainstorming ideas can become tiresome. Ideas can lose their PUNCH; so if you find yourself stuck in a rut – try these fast and effective techniques.

Celebrate Company Milestones

Maybe you have hired a new team member, or maybe you’ve celebrated a milestone for your business’s longevity? Sharing your accomplishments with fans and followers shows your human side and they will really enjoy celebrating with you!

If it is a huge milestone, sharing photos to commemorate the event will encourage your audience to engage and help build a stronger relationship with them.

Share Inspirational or Motivational Quotes

There is nothing more trendy and popular on social media than quotes. You can find many of them on Google, Instagram and even Pinterest.

Eye catching quotes can be found EVERYWHERE – or if you find an inspirational or motivational quote that you feel reflects well on your business – work with your design team to create an unforgettable quote to use as your update for the day.

Celebrate Fun or Silly Days

If you search Google you will find there is an endless supply of unexpected days that are celebrated around the world. Many of them unheard of… or just plain silly!

But why not step away from the norm and celebrate something like ‘Cow Appreciation Day’ or ‘Bow Tie Day’? Not many people will have heard of these silly and unexpected holidays; and it is sure to get your audience commenting, liking and sharing.

Re-Publish Classic Content

Maybe you have been active on social media for a long time, or blogging away for many years. There is a new trend that has emerged – called ‘Throwback Thursday’.

Businesses are jumping on board with this craze and sharing an old photo, link or update and titling it ‘Throwback Thursday’.

It is a quick, simple and great way for your new audience to take a look back in time.

Because social media changes regularly, it is a brilliant way to re-share popular content.

Promotions and Competitions

There is no better way to engage with your audience and reach more potential customers than to run a promotion or competition.

This is the ideal way to encourage fans, followers, and others to share your links, content or even your profile.

Be sure to check your social media platform guidelines (most channels have specific rules you must follow).

Answer Questions

Keep yourself updated with relevant issues in the news relating to your industry.

If you come across an article or piece of information that you find interesting, share it with your audience, because more often than not, it will also be of interest to them as well.

Ask your audience about how they feel about it, or what their view on (the topic) is. This encourages audience engagement and interaction.

If you are still struggling for inspiration to use for updates on your social media platforms, contact one of the friendly team members at Arrow Digital to discuss your social media marketing requirements today!

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