Customising Content for Different Social Media Channels

Jasmine Batra


“Social media is not a one-size-fits-all proposition” – A recent report on the digital landscape in Australia noted that content must be customised in order to perform.

The report stressed that organisations’ social media strategy must be customised for each platform, based on customer profiles.

This is one of the most valuable tips you will receive.

Many people post content on various social media channels without taking the platform into consideration, then wonder why there’s been a low level of engagement.

Here are some tips on platform specific digital marketing strategies that work:


Facebook has rapidly grown into a media channel that can be compared to television; it has the ability to reach a billion eyeballs as long as you pay for it.

When planning Facebook content, you should take into account its advertising tools which allow you to target a highly specific audience.

Facebook’s algorithm ranks images higher than any other type of content, so make sure you’re using images with posts.

Find out the best times to post on Facebook here.


Use a hashtag, be human and post at the right time! Twitter is seen by most marketers as a channel for community management instead of e-commerce.

A big tip when it comes to tweets is to include a call to action. Users respond the best when you ask them to download, retweet, follow or reply!

Include a hashtag and comment on trending topics. Be relevant!

Find out the best times to post on Twitter here.


LinkedIn is the place where blogs and articles thrive!

Create blogs relevant to professionals.

Generate discussions in industry groups.

Set up a LinkedIn Company profile.

Find out the best times to post on LinkedIn here.


Instagram is an increasingly popular social media channel. The platform is visual and requires imagery as well as video content.

Things that work well on Instagram include quality images and quotes.

Be true to your brand and offer your audience something unique.


Pinterest is the channel for health, fashion and beauty.

The platform allows brands to highlight their products and drive traffic to their websites.

Be inspiring with your pins. Content that resonates the most on Pinterest is usually something that helps the ‘pinner’ better themselves.

Add pin descriptions to allow other users to find your content.

Positive messages work best on Pinterest.


Social media provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to engage their target audience. Find out about our social media services here.

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