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Delivering exceptional results for premium Australian Brands using integrated digital marketing


Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank sought to tap into a new customer demographic and required guidance. Their overarching campaign goal was to reach this lucrative market segment and generate a high volume of inquiries. Cue Arrow and our robust social media and search engine marketing strategy. The outcome? Following campaign rollout, not only were expectations met, but Commonwealth Bank was actually prompted to create a dedicated call centre to handle the influx of enquiries they began receiving from across the world.

Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox was frustrated as to why their traffic wasn’t converting into enough leads and sales, and looked to Arrow for answers. We conducted a comprehensive audit and proposed a strategic website overhaul to remove customer roadblocks and improve the visitor journey. Launch of the refurbished site amounted to a huge reduction of the once problematic bounce rate and a 316% jump in total sales within a matter of weeks; securing a definitive solution to their problem and a clear return on investment.

Melbourne Institute of Technology

MIT were solely reliant on offline marketing to promote their organisation and losing ground amidst their competitors, Risking failure to meet student enrolment targets, they came to Arrow for help in confidently stepping into this new digital territory. We devised a multi-faceted search engine and social media strategy to put them on the digital map and connect them to their core audience on their preferred platforms. The outcome? We incurred a 75.8% increase in conversions within 3 months and enabled MIT to exceed their student enrolments targets.


Telstra had discovered that their recruitment of youth was lagging and decided to refocus their marketing efforts on appealing to younger job candidates in order to boost their call centre application numbers. Arrow was tasked with revitalising Telstra’s image in the eyes of youth, and developed a combined microsite and social media branding strategy to win back this audience. The result? We reached their target inquiry numbers within merely 6 weeks and ahead of schedule, allowing Telstra to further build on its candidate pool.

Juggle St.

Juggle Street was looking to partner with a company capable of lifting an emerging company to new heights through integrated digital strategy and were aware of Arrow’s strong track record. We crafted a multi-faceted solution that covered all key angles of online brand awareness and lead acquisition, to propel Juggle Street’s growth. The spectacular results speak for themselves; within only 5 months of our engagement, Juggle Street have doubled their overall monthly registration numbers, equating to a 155% growth since we first launched the campaign.

ACO Group

Aco Group sought more qualified traffic to their website and cross-promotion of their micro sites towards more leads and a better conversion rate. To achieve this, Arrow deployed targeted search engine marketing and content marketing to grow and shape visitor flow. The result? Aco Group experienced a significant impact on their sales and enquiry rate through an increase in pages per session plus the growth of return visitors; supporting the positive impact of our efforts on branding appeal and audience engagement levels.

JDN Monocrane

JDN Monocrane were seeking to achieve page 1 dominance on Google and jumpstart their lower than expected conversion rate. Entrusting Arrow to provide the solution, we applied an aggressive search engine marketing and social media strategy, whilst recognising the need for a website redesign to overcome their conversion roadblocks and maximise the newfound traffic. Our efforts were a runaway success in elevating the JDN Monocrane’s online authority, and the business reported a 46% increase in enquiries by the 12 month mark.

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