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Fuji Xerox approached Arrow as they were facing a conundrum. The company was receiving solid traffic volumes consisting of 2000+ unique visitors, yet they were accruing less than 20 inquiries on a daily basis. We recognised that this 1% inquiry rate was not a fair reflection of their quality product, and started investigating possible reasons for the low conversion of visitors to enquiries.
We audited the site using our 52 point checklist and discovered that the inner pages of the site which covered product descriptions, resembled a static, brochure-style format and lacked interactivity to engage visitors. These pages were preoccupied on listing purely technical features as opposed to highlighting benefits, and lacked the necessary call-to-actions to facilitate the user journey from information seeking to purchase. In addition, we conducted an online survey and discovered that a number of people left the site because they did not get an indication of price. We formulated a comprehensive proposal involving a full conversion rate optimisation strategy across the website in addition to content creation, all designed to capitalise on existing traffic. This included creation of an interactive tool by way of which the user could progressively discover the photocopier best suited for them and then chat with a representative to find out the price.
Fuji Xerox took our recommendations on board and following implementation of the campaign, they experienced a spectacular result. Our measures secured high engagement and reduced the website bounce rate significantly. To their delight, the company’s sales figures jumped up by 316% within a matter of weeks, demonstrating a clear return on investment and cementing Arrow’s intuitive ability to identify marketing opportunities that yield measurable results.
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