The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live

Jasmine Batra


Facebook Live. You’ve probably seen these videos pop up on Facebook. Here we’ll explain what Live is, how it works and how you can use it to engage and grow your online audience.

What is it?

Facebook Live is a live-to-air video that your fans and followers will see on their Facebook newsfeed in real time. What we love about Facebook Live is its functionality: the video is immediate, accessible and breaks down the barrier of forming connections between a brand and their audience.

Why use Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a unique platform that engages your audience in a more authentic, intimate way than using pre-recorded media. Your fans and followers can gain insight into things they mightn’t usually see from you, making it all the more worthwhile to tune in.

Facebook Live gives you an opportunity to take a different angle or perspective into your day-to-day media and communications. For example, your audience might be treated to a behind-the-scenes look of your team, get to know the employees behind your brand, or indulge in a sneak peak of a new product like they’re with you in the boardroom.

After all, Facebook’s data has revealed that people are 10 times more likely to comment on Facebook Live videos than regular videos. So get broadcasting!



What to do using Facebook Live

It is important to have a plan in advance about when and what you’re going to broadcast. Tell your audience about how they can get involved in advance, like asking them to prepare questions and inviting discussion on your live video that you can reference while streaming.

You could also hold press conferences, ‘vlog’, cross promote other social media channels, announce promotion codes exclusive to listeners or create a Live series for your audience to tune into regularly.

If you want some inspiration, check out these examples from Hubspot.

And don’t forget, viewers see your live video on their newsfeeds without sound, just like other videos, so pull them in with great visuals first and foremost!

What to avoid using Facebook Live

Facebook Live is exciting because anything can happen when it is raw and uncut. For marketers, this thought can be terrifying. The easiest way to get over the fear of making a mistake on a live stream and to jump on the bandwagon with other Facebook Live users is to prepare ahead of your broadcast.

Don’t just make a Facebook Live video like any other video you would post. The key to making use of this unique platform is to give your audience something they can’t get elsewhere – so by them participating in the comments section, and you responding to these comments in your video – you are much more likely to get people tuning in and remaining tuned in. Make viewing a rewarding experience.

And finally, remember that people may tune into your live stream at different times, so don’t forget to reintroduce yourself and recap what you’re doing in the video – much like radio broadcasters do – to keep everyone in the loop.

There we have it – our tips on making the most of the exciting Facebook Live feature. Have you tried it yet?


Image via Facebook Live.

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