Fifth Quadrant


of keywords on 1st page (within 4 months)

keywords in 1st position (within 4 months)

Maintained these results

Customer Research and Consulting group attracts larger clients


Specialising in CX Consulting, Research & Design, and with one of the largest bodies of customer related research in Australia, were Industry Leaders. This meant that they were able to provide rich and evidence based recommendations with an unrivalled level of knowledge and subject matter expertise.


Despite being an industry leader, Fifth Quadrant’s dwindling online presence was depriving them of potential clients seeking their services. They were referred to Arrow, who was then tasked with turning around their digital space’s performance.

We engaged Arrow originally in 2013 to simply improve our search rankings. The arrow team took keen interest in understanding our business and delivered outstanding results within 6 months that resulted in high value sales.


Working closely with Fifth Quadrant, Arrow Digital was quickly able to identify the digital marketing weaknesses faced and formulate a strategy. The first part of this strategy would be to focus on an extensive SEO campaign to increase the website’s visibility on global search engines. Keywords were meticulously researched and the implemented to their digital properties. To complement and speed up their SEO campaign, Arrow then launched a Google Adwords campaign aimed at driving targeted and filtered traffic immediately to the website.


Results came in all the right places as their keyword rankings instantly began to climb, within 4 months, 50% of their keywords were on the first page and eventually built up to 5 keywords being ranked in the #1 position on Google! Extraordinary results also came from the Adwords campaigns as they began to not only attract more clients, but larger scale clients.
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