Social Media Case Study

Company Overview

Mountain Bread is a family business which has been running for nearly 30 years. It specialises in the production of a unique flatbread which is known as the thinnest type of bread and so a very healthy option. Their traditional flatbread can be purchased in Coles, Woolworths and also online on the Mountain Bread website.

The Australian Mountain Bread Company has also been successfully exporting to over 30 countries including USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji, Dubai and throughout Asia.

The Brief

Mountain Bread came to Arrow at the end of 2014, they had been experiencing growth due to store sales but felt they needed a social media presence to increase their online sales and brand awareness.

The Approach

Arrow started with a full Social Media strategy which outlined the advantages to the business of having a social media community around the brand. Specifically Arrow focused and identified who their target market should be and how to engage with them through social media and how to build a direct relationship with them. Following the strategy sessions, Mountain Bread asked Arrow to carry out a full implementation. The initial approach was to identify what current media exposure Mountain Bread had achieved and build on it.

The Solution

To start with Arrow set up a Facebook and Pinterest profile and built the accounts from the ground up. Using existing media exposure from high authority sites which were using Mountain Bread for recipes, these recipes and links were pushed out across the social media platforms. Offers in Coles and Woolworths are also promoted through social media.

In addition Arrow posts regular healthy recipes and videos making the platforms motivational and inspirational for living a healthy and fit lifestyle. This has now grown to followers sharing pictures of their own recipes and pictures to the community using the hashtags #MountainBread and #HealthyWraps.

Over the last 4 months Arrow implemented monthly competitions with giveaways relative to being healthy and fit. The latest competition featured Michelle Bridges Australia’s celebrity personal trainer, author and TV personality featured on the Australian version of The Biggest Loser with the prize being to win her 12 Week Body Transformation Package. Michelle Bridges regularly uses Mountain Bread in her recipe suggestions making her the perfect feature for a Mountain Bread competition where followers were asked in 25 words to Tell Us How the # 12WBT and # MountainBread Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals.

The Results

12,000 very engaged Facebook followers
• A very active Pinterest community
• Featured on Lifestyle food channel with $66k worth of free TV advertising
• Average competition gets 400-500 entries providing name, phone number and email address of these entrant who can then be promoted to directly.
• Increased brand endorsement and social media mention.
Review channels for collating customer reviews and endorsements

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