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Freedom Loans offers highly competitive interest rates when you refinance your loan. This specialist mortgage broker offers solution based lending. Did you know that your current loan may not be competitive with others available on the market?


Arrow undertook an online marketing campaign targeted at improving the volume and quality of leads while managing the cost of acquisition for this financial services business that struggled to make an impact in the digital space
After using a very high profile large SEO company from Sydney and not getting results we decided to go with Arrow Internet because they told us they would get results and we put them to the test. We enjoy our ongoing relationship and they are extremely attentive to our needs and we have a sound lead generation platform. So much so, we stopped all other kinds of advertising.
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The methodology involved planning the content, engagement, SEO and Adwords for the website. We targeted keywords that would bring converting prospects and used geographic and demographic targeting to refine the leads.


Since engaging with Arrow, Freedom Loans targeted their content delivery, SEO and Adwords to drive traffic to their website with actionable keywords that increased their website traffic leads by 216% in just one year. Currently, 8 of their keywords are sitting in the top 10 spots.

  • Website leads increased by 216% in one year resulting in massive revenue growth.
    8 Keywords currently in the top 10.
  • The client also mentioned that the quality of leads improved significantly since Arrow started looking after the marketing.
  • Since the SEO project was taken over at the end of 2008, the clicks have grown exponentially. There has been a 200% increase in conversions while managing leads cost and improving lead quality.

Impressive? It’s our bread and butter here at Arrow. Talk to us about how we can make it a reality for you and your business.

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