Getting friendly with business blogging

Anup Batra


Whether you have already started or are thinking about it, blogging for business purposes has many upsides, besides improving your search engine rankings.  You can educate potential and existing customers about your products and services, build strong relationships and generate high quality leads.  Blogs give your company a way to get friendly with both existing and potential clients, as they are personal and great way to help people see the face behind the name.

In order for your blog to be successful, you need to write blogs regularly, at least a few times a week.  Your posts should be easy to read, mix things up with photos, videos, humour, facts – anything to make your blog captivating and entertaining. Forget the selling and instead make your blog useful so it creates some kind of value for your readers. Here are some simple tips to help your business blogging go with a bang:

  • When writing blogs, think who you are writing for and try to imagine writing for that one person rather than a whole audience – it makes it much easier
  • Use a WordPress platform and integrate it in to your site
  • Plan your content with the keywords in mind to boost your seo
  • Have a plan!  Plan your blogs, it helps if you have a series of blogs on the same subject, this way you can cover more information and keep people wanting more and therefore returning again and again

Respond to comments – interaction is vital

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