Give your site a shot of Google Caffeine

Anup Batra


We all like a shot of caffeine every now and then…now is the time to give our websites a strong expresso shot 🙂  Here are Three ways you can make your site rank on top for Google Results using the latest change in Google Algorithm AKA Google Caffeine

  • Site Speed :  Make sure your site is on a fast server and is not heavily loaded with graphics. If it is an image rich website, make sure that the images have been compressed. Ensure that coding is done in CSS to make the site lighter to load and easier for the Google Spider to index.
  • Real-Time Search : Google has started indexing blog posts, tweets and updates on Facebook business pages in real time. Integrating these elements into your website will make the Google Spider come to your site more frequently and index it
  • Fresh & Interesting Content : If your website provides new content which is of interest to the searchers, Google will reward it by higher rankings. Now more than ever before, site owners who think of ingenuous ways to add value will find themselves on higher rankings. Your content could be thought provoking, controversial, humorous, informative or mix of all these. Most important of all, providing original content will be the mantra for SEO
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