Good News for website owners-Spamming is Dead

Anup Batra


With the recent changes being made by Google, the importance of spammy links is diminishing. It is good to know that websites with spammy links are losing both page rank and rankings. Websites with contextual, thematic content and links are now dominating search engine rankings

Websites which offer value to the users and engage them will experience higher rankings. Search is getting personalised and SEO is not just about rankings. Quality SEO will focus on website traffic and conversions, the factors which influence the ROI of any SEO Initiatives. As Search Engine Rankings will fluctuate, internet marketers will become savvy about driving traffic using clever methods.

When a searcher sees your website on search results, he/she has a first moment of truth based on your ranking, your site title and meta-description. If the searcher decides to click on your website, he or she forms gets a second moment of truth based on it’s look and feel, content, layout and call to action. These moments of Truth can either become moments of magic or moments of misery. If they become moments of magic, the searcher will come back again and again to your website. Otherwise, they will exit the website never to come back again.

While hiring an SEO Company, it is important to see if they can drive targeted traffic to your website as also improve it’s conversion rate. At Arrow Internet Marketing, we are enhancing our service offerings in line with this new thinking.

Link Building should be natural, resulting from quality content being published in industry specific websites. Companies which prepare for the new changes in Google will become online market leaders. Those who follow old methods will become obsolete.

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