Google AdWords – Set Yourself Up For Success

Jasmine Batra


Google makes a whopping 95% of their revenue from advertising. That figure might seem big, but it’s not surprising. Amazon, and eBay spend huge figures of their budget on AdWords alone because they can see the direct correlation between AdWords spend and increased sales. AdWords doesn’t just work for large sized companies though; nimble, mid sized and small businesses all see the benefit that tailored campaigns bring to their bottom line. It is clear that AdWords is an effective marketing strategy that works – whatever your budget.

For those businesses that have previously tried, are currently running or are considering taking the plunge into incorporating AdWords into their marketing budget, it is important to understand how the AdWords mechanism  works. Especially for the most popular sectors that have high levels of competition – like the finance and insurance, travel and tourism, and retail industries – it is crucial to fully comprehend how to use AdWords to ensure you are not wasting your time and money on ineffective campaigns that won’t improve your outcomes.

We’ve had many clients who once believed AdWords is too complicated to use or a waste of money. At Arrow, we liken going into AdWords blind to diving head first into the stock exchange without any understanding of the market.  You wouldn’t begin an AdWords campaign without prior training on how it works – you would ultimately be wasting your time, money and energy.


Here’s where an AdWords specialist comes in.

Having on board an experienced campaign manager means they can help navigate the tricky aspects to publishing successful AdWords campaigns. An AdWords specialist knows how to tailor your ads to your target audience with a persuasive call-to-action. They understand the bidding process, how to bid within your budget, the tradeoffs between quality score and ad positioning and all the fundamentals that are essential to the success of your campaigns.

AdWords specialists know how to write ads to appeal to a customer’s emotions, can test ads to see what strategies work best and will optimise your ad to make it stand out from the competition. AdWords experts know how to pick relevant phrases and keywords with the right match types – broad, exact or phrase match – that way, you’re only bidding for phrases based on your budget and strategy.

An AdWords specialist can help you better understand the complex AdWords system and all the factors that come into the process. A qualified, fresh set of eyes experienced in monitoring and tweaking campaigns can be the difference between generating expensive leads and ones that will convert.

So yes, to all the naysayers, Google AdWords can have a lasting impact on your business’ sales without blowing your marketing budget. You can certainly increase your profit margins exponentially; all it takes is the right strategy. By having a digital strategy that is insightful, data driven and run with proper execution by an AdWords campaign manager, Pay Per Click marketing is a proven way to drastically make an improvement on your returns.

Don’t waste away hours and days of your time and stop spending your budget on unnecessary keywords by using simple tips to get the most out of your AdWords account. Those that put in place a bidding strategy in line with their marketing goals and a realistic budget are much more likely to set themselves up for success – and will remain competitive players in the challenging digital game.


Get going today with a helping hand.

As the longest standing digital media consultancy in Melbourne, Arrow Digital are renowned for thriving AdWords strategies, demonstrating that AdWords is a successful avenue for increasing leads for a business.

Having managed $10 million worth of ad budgets for over 1000 small businesses, co-founder and chairman of Arrow Digital, Anup Batra, has seen firsthand the difference a properly executed AdWords campaign has on the bottom line of companies – across more than 45 Australian industries.

If you have tried Google AdWords, want to improve your current campaigns, or are considering it going into 2017, join Anup this Thursday 15 December from 11am AEDT for a free 1-hour AdWords webinar. He will cover three AdWords tactics that have been proven to successfully gain a higher return on investment. Register here to secure your place for this interactive webinar, or call the Arrow team on 1300 766 665 for a detailed discussion with one of our AdWords solutions specialists.

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