Google Analytics – A Powerful Tool to Boost your Website Revenue

Anup Batra


Businesses are increasingly using Google Analytics to measure and improve the performance of the web as their marketing channel. To harness this tool effectively:

  • The metrics you track should be identified at an early stage and should be in sync with your Internet marketing or search engine optimization objectives. Your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can help you measure the performance of the website against the defined objectives. The main goal should be to improve the KPIs over a defined period of time.
  • Do not consider the website and website promotion as different activities; they need to run parallel. These two elements cannot be measured and optimized in isolation. You will have to relate website visitor activity to its source in order to understand how each media segment is performing for your business.
  • Create specific goal pages and assign certain value to each one of them. Goal pages are key pages in the website which reflect user’s level of engagement. These could be important pages such as product, resources or about/contact us pages. Visits to these pages show visitors’ definite interest in your offerings.
  • All visits to your website cannot be considered equal; only about 1-5% of your visitors actually register or buy from your website. It is important for you to understand the intention of rest of the visitors (95-99%). Obviously, most of them came to your site with a purpose and there is a possibility they may not be getting what they are looking for. You should therefore make your website content comprehensive and increase visitor engagement.

If these initiatives are kept in mind, your profitability will increase. Moreover, your website will be regarded as an authoritative web entity, resulting in enhanced branding.

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