Google Analytics – New, Powerful Features at your Disposal

Anup Batra


Google has added few, interesting features to their Analytics tool. The basic idea is to make it a more powerful instrument in the process of search engine optimisation and user behaviour analysis. 

The following new features are noteworthy:

  • For each of your profiles, you can now define up to 20 goals. Time on Site and Pages per Visit are features that will help you measure user engagement and branding success of your website.
  • You can now track traffic to your mobile website from all web-enabled devices. Not only that, you can also track mobile applications to gauge the efforts of your mobile marketing campaign. All you need to do is add a server side code snippet to your mobile website (supported for PHP, Perl, JSP and ASPX sites).
  • Advanced level of table filtering allows the filtering of rows in a table based on different metric conditions.
  • You can now select Unique Visitors as a metric against any dimensions provided in Google Analytics. This can be quite helpful when you wish to create a custom report.
  • Google Analytics will now provide automatic alerts related to significant changes in the data patterns of your site metrics and dimensions. This can be chosen for daily, weekly or monthly periods.
  • You can also customise your Google alert for email notification when a certain condition is met. This will save a lot of time in your SEO campaign. After all, you will get all updates right in your inbox.
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