Google Analytics for SEO

Anup Batra


Many businesses do not get into SEO efforts for their website, as they are unsure about how to track it’ progress. It’s fair enough to be wary of the unknown – but upon further investigation these businesses would discover that there are very accurate measures of an SEO campaigns success. Google Analytics is a website analysis tool that provides you information about all traffic and conversion aspects of your website. This type of information can be useful for all online businesses as it will allow businesses a statistical peep inside the way web surfers interact with their website content

Some great functions of Google Analytics are:

  • Find out where your website hits came from
  • How long they stayed on your website
  • Their geographical position
  • Find out what keywords attract the prospects that get converted
  • Which landing pages and content are the best for conversions

Google Analytics and SEO: Marriage made in heaven So what this really means is that it couldn’t be simpler to get the data you need to make informed decisions about your SEO campaign. Google Analytics can be a great tool in your SEO arsenal to plot a course for an effective online presence.
If you find that traffic from a certain keyword is converting more then the rest you can focus optimisation efforts there. On the other hand, you may discover a page with a customer “exit rate” (or “bounce rate”) needs tweaking.
Having the right information to base your online business on is critical. Google Analytics can be great in pointing the way to “what is working” or “what needs tweaking” in terms of SEO. Where do I get it? Implementation couldn’t be easier! For quick and easy guide on signing up to Google analytics just click here. PS it’s free!

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