Google Announces Real-Time Search Results

Jasmine Batra


As of yesterday, Google has finally decided to embed real-time results to our searches, and it is proving to become an interesting concept. Although not completely live yet, once active it will become a very useful tool to those who value recent information it. In particular, users of the popular social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and MySpace will find the real-time results exceedingly useful. I did a search for Tiger Woods and in the search results were tweets and news events relating to the search results.

The benefit of having very recent posts from Twitter and other sources means that the opinion of users can be taken into account for a particular search result, and this will help to provide further information to the user about a certain search result. In a way this strategy will be very useful for movie reviews, opinions on product purchases, company reviews and so on.

The new feature also pulls results from recently posted news articles from around the world, offering readers a more efficient search capability than previously used.

Tell us how you find the new feature in the comment section below and if you have put off creating a twitter account till now, here is one compelling reason why you need to be a twitterati.

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