Google Display Planner: All Your AdWords Tools in One Place

Jasmine Batra


Google is always tweaking and refining their tools to make our lives easier and we absolutely love the new version of the Google Display Planner. Google announced last week that they will be migrating a few of the vital AdWords tools to the updated version of Display Planner, particularly the:

  • Ad Planner
  • Placement Tool
  • Contextual Targeting Tool

The search engine giants will be unifying these three tools into the Display Planner so that users can get optimum, streamlined functionality that will create better targeting ideas and estimates to enhance display campaigns.

The main goal of this migration is to make life easier for you and assist advertisers in researching, planning and launching successful campaigns. Google said, “With one click you can add all the keywords, placements or other targeting ideas you choose directly into you campaigns.”

More specifically, it will give you better targeting options which will suggest thousands of new websites, mobile applications and video channels where your audience is likely to visit so that you can get the best out of your ads.

If you are still using the Contextual Targeting Tool and the Placement Tool, just keep in mind that Google will be phasing it out within the next few days. It’s best that you start getting used to the new Display Planner right now so that you can swiftly make the transition once these tools are taken out.

For those who want to learn how to operate it, check out this video on How to Use AdWords Display Planner.



Plus, the Ad Planner will be completely removed in September 2013 so it’s very important that you export and save existing media plans and site lists that you have created in this tool.

To find out more about how to export and save media plans within the tool, make sure you read Google’s Guide to Display Planner .

They will also be running a Display Planner Webinar on September 18th, 2013 which you can sign up for right here.

We highly recommend that you try out this new tool as we believe that it will help you optimise your ad campaigns produce better results. Be sure to check out the various resources listed above so that you can find out how to make an easy transition to the new Display Planner!

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