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Anup Batra


Quality is paramount for Google SEO

Many a business entrepreneur lives under the impression that any site can be optimised for improved search engine rankings. Ethical or unethical, any search engine optimisation method can get you desired results. However, one thing such entrepreneurs tend to forget is that search engines like Google follow stringent guidelines when it comes to scrutinising the quality of a website.

Now, quality can be measured through many parameters. Some of the most essential ‘don’ts’ are listed herewith:

  • Do not encourage ‘cloaking’ on your website. That is, do not make different web pages for users and search engines. Keep your focus on the users of your website; your ultimate goal should be to keep them happy.
  • Do not get involved in link schemes to increase your Google PageRank. Link to websites that are credible and relevant for your business. Getting linked to spammers or bad neighbourhoods will not only damage your SEO campaign, but also your online reputation on the whole.
  • Don’t send automated queries to Google using unauthorised computer programs that send pages or check rankings automatically. Try and do all of this manually as much as possible.
  • Do not use hidden text or hidden links for search engines to crawl. Everything that you have on your website should be transparent and equally available to your users as well.
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