Great Ocean Properties


Keywords on first page within 2 months


Increase in website traffic


Website users are new users


Business growth in 5 months

Luxury Real Estate Agency Increases Sales by 48%


Great Ocean Properties specialise in selling lifestyle properties throughout the Great Ocean Road region. As leaders along the coast they have worked hard to develop their reputation of providing the highest level of professional service, marketing and expert advice. We strongly advocate a coastal lifestyle as a life choice and our vibrant company culture reflects this.


Great Ocean Properties approached Arrow for two reasons. 1: To ensure their very niche audience could easily find them and 2: To make the most of their opportunities. As they were receiving buyers in the excess, but were restricted by the lack of sellers that approached them, supply was lagging behind buyer demand and sales opportunities were being lost.
We have received in total 40% more listings since we engaged with Arrow and their services. This has been a rather significant increase in sales. I’d also like to add the team at Arrow team are highly responsive and result orientated


Arrow’s approach was to strategically tap into the psyche of the property seller (especially luxury places) along the Great Ocean Road. Keywords like ‘appraisal’, ‘sell’, and ‘selling’ were included in phrases and implemented all over the website. Website enhancements and adjustments were made, and even their YouTube channel was optimised to help keyword rankings and ensure maximum traffic and sales.


Results were quick to come with 55% of keywords on the first page within the first 2 months, buoyed by these fantastic results, Great Ocean Properties added additional keywords to their campaign that continued to see growing results. Since Arrow has been involved with Great Ocean Properties organic website traffic has increased +18.84% and new users accounted for +65% of these website visitors. These achievements lead to an overall 40% increase in sales for Great Ocean Properties.
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